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Beach Buggy Racing Review

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From Riptide GP2 developer Vector Unit comes Beach Buggy Racing a free-to-play mobile game brought to consoles as a premium product, stripping out all the free-to-play aspects, rebalancing the game, adding more content and other features such as split-screen multiplayer for $10 on Xbox One and Playstation 4.

My only concerns were how its economy would transition to console and I’m very pleased to report that Vector Unit have done a fine job on that aspect, the economy is fair with players needing to complete levels to earn money and upgrade their buggies, you can’t really see its mobile roots at all, that is how well its been handled [I should note here there are no micro transactions here at all]. Racing, namely winning races earns decent payouts over a large career mode consisting of 9 events across different HP engines which requires you to upgrade your vehicles to keep progressing has no excessive grinding or anything else to get the best out of it. (more…)

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Vector Unit recently released Riptide GP2 for Xbox One, a game which I quite enjoyed and reviewed at release, now they are back on Xbox One and Playstation 4 this time with Beach Buggy Racing!

Originally a free-to-play game on mobile by the name of Beach Buggy Blitz it has undergone some big changes to make it fit the console audience as a premium $10/£8 game by removing all of the features that come with a free launch on mobile: No timers, ads or in-app purchases as well as a completely retuned game economy so the player can unlock upgrades quicker and easier. (more…)