Most Wanted Backwards Compatible Games on Xbox One

Microsoft’s Backwards Compatibility program on Xbox One has already had some great games released on it with more coming each week, in my experience the games generally run well although some aren’t without fault.

The list in no particular order of games I’d like to see enter the program:

Vanquish (Platinum Games/SEGA)

vanquish-box-artShinji Miami’s third-person shooter made with Platinum Games has always intrigued me and has many fans, being a faster pace game than some of the other similar-ish shooters on the market sets its apart quite well.

It’s a game on my backlog and one that hopefully will get the BC treatment from SEGA, Platinum have created some great games of a nice variety and more people getting to try them is no bad thing.

Brothers In Arms: Hell’s Highway (Gearbox/Ubisoft)

game-banner-pictureIm not really clamouring for more World War II games but I was talking to someone about Hell’s Highway the other day and they made it seem pretty good. Truth be told ive never really played a Gearbox in any real capacity, I have tried the beginning of the first Borderlands a few times and Duke Nukem Forever but that’s about it.

Red Dead Redemption (Rockstar Games)

Red_Dead_Redemption_PicI own it digitally but have never actually gone through and played it. When the game leaked on Backwards Compatibility I played the beginning and it seemed to run well, if I’m honest I feel like Rockstar’s games (GTA in particular) feel awful to play with wooden character movements but this is regarded as such as a classic – and the game that killed my beloved Alan Wake at retail, that I really want to finally give it a chance to see if I like it. The western setting is a cool one as well, I enjoyed Gun by Neversoft but this is held in a much higher regard

Bully (Rockstar Games)

BullyAnother Rockstar Game this was ported to Xbox 360 early on in the generation and one I recently purchased on the Xbox Store. Released to some controversy on the PS2 (and renamed in Europe) it seems like a fun game and one that isn’t exactly a typical setting playing as a student in a school, it doesn’t really fit Rockstar’s current style either so that might be of benefit to it too.

Crysis 2 (Crytek/Electronic Arts)

crysis-2-News-Image-656x369No console is worth its sales tag until it can play Crysis, in this case I enjoyed the original on Xbox 360’s Games on Demand and havent got around to sinking my teeth into the sequel. Whilst fans of the franchise didn’t really seem to like the direction it went in after Crysis and Crysis Warhead, Crysis 2 seems like a decent middle point between the original and 3.

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon/Far Cry Classic (Ubisoft)

FC3BDFar Cry Classic (another Crytek game) was one I enjoyed at a very low resolution and frame-rate on PC when it originally released, I enjoyed the way the trident were introduced and the more sci-fi elements of the game, unfortunately the last level was too tough for me a decade ago and I never finished it.

Blood Dragon was a pretty cool downloadable game which was built on retro over the top foundations and seemed like a fun side project after Far Cry 3. I’d be interested in playing both Ubisoft

Hitman HD Trilogy (IO Interactive/Square Enix)

Hitman-HD-TrilogyI mention the Trilogy because that is technically the game, the HD remaster of Silent Assassin and Contracts along with a bundled copy of Hitman Blood Money released in early 2013, unfortunately the very original “Agent 47” wasnt included but ive not played that or Hitman Contracts so hopefully IO will give me the chance to play Contract on Xbox One whilst I wait for them to finish the new “Hitman”.

Resident Evil 4 (Capcom)

steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_246714099_previewThis one is probably unlikely now it is coming natively to Xbox One and PS4 (along with Resident Evil 5 and 6) but I bought it quite recently in hope that it would be made Backwards Compatible at some point.

The game is considered a classic, my record for Resident Evil games is quite spotty, ive played Resident Evil Remastered, Revelations 2 and Resident Evil 5, I intend to play Zero and 4 at some point, hopefully the remaster/remake of Resident Evil 2 is good and they follow that up with RE3, then im getting close to a set! Great games though and a franchise I should have played more of.

Exit (Taito/Square Enix)

Exit-video-gameA fairly niche puzzle game by Taito originally for the PSP the original and its sequel were released on XBLA, it’s a very fun game with some tough puzzles but it was still very enjoyable. On Xbox it did feel a bit clunky but not enough to dampen the experience, I don’t think the Xbox version’s sold all that well though and they also had some content held back as DLC which I think annoyed some consumers too.

I’d welcome the chance to play the game again with the better d-pad on the Elite controller for sure.

Mark of the Ninja (Klei/Microsoft Studios)

NinjaKlei have made some great games including Don’t Starve and Invisible Inc, in 2012 they released Mark of the Ninja on XBLA (and Steam) which has a 91 metacritic and almost 1.5m owners on Steam. It’s a 2D side-scrolling stealth game with lots of options as you act like a ninja. The art style is a stylish as you’d expect from Klei, it seemed really good from what I have played and im hoping it ends up on Xbox One so I can finally go through it properly.

Project Gotham Racing 4 (Bizarre Creations/Microsoft Studios)

PGR4Bizarre’s PGR swan song before their ill-fated Activision buyout was a great game that still looks good and is very fun to play. With Microsoft focusing on the Forza franchise I think I’m ready to get back into a racer that feels and plays quite different, as much as I enjoy the Forza games I have fatigued a bit on them and having PGR4 more easily accessible would be great to play because its nice and different and we aren’t going to get another one any time soon either.

Blue Dragon (Mistwalker/Artoon/Microsoft Studios)

BDBlue Dragon isn’t really what I would consider the typical sort of game I would play, I got it free when I bought my Xbox 360 Elite console in September 2007 (I tried to swap it for a copy of Stranglehold but the store said no), when I finally got round to playing it I found a really great JRPG with a lovely art style, fun gameplay and good story. I played it for 35 hours getting to the third disc (if I remember correctly) before I played other things. It’s a well likely JRPG and it would be good to give more people a chance to play it.

Lost Odyssey (Mistwalker/FeelPlus/Microsoft Studios)

Lost-OdysseyThe last game in the deal between Mistwalker and Microsoft for JRPGs was the Unreal Engine 3 game Lost Odyssey, it’s on 4 discs to get all the content and is very well-regarded by those who played it. Unfortunately (as with Blue Dragon) multi-disc games of a certain nature aren’t yet supported by the backwards compatibility or Xbox 360 store, hopefully when Microsoft figure that out, we will get these two games on there.