Kojima and Sony: A Natural Fit

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Last night Kojima and Andrew House announced the new studio from the Metal Gear Solid creator as well as a partnership with Playstation for the title – a new IP to come to Playstation 4 first followed by PC later on.

For me as a Kojima fan I’m really happy that he is getting stuck straight back in as a game developer and creator, no break (outside of the holiday Konami generously gave him…) but right back into the fold and is making something brand new, not MGS or Silent Hill or anything. Choosing the right partner was also important he in Sony he knows well and I think they will give him plenty of freedom and time to make what he wants, I’m sure he has an idea for the sort of thing he is interested in making and Sony will be aware of that but it shows a lot of faith from Sony to sign it when there is nothing tangible to show yet.

The other thing I’m pleased about is that for now at least they are an independent studio with a partnership, they have a good backer in Sony who don’t need this title now and by that I mean with the success of the Playstation 4 they aren’t relying on specific tent pole releases to kick them into gear and get the platform going, they have shown a willingness to delay titles like The Order 1886 and Uncharted 4 out of the holidays as they needed more time, this is good for Kojima and his new team.

After what sounds like a fairly horrific time in the end at Konami I think being independent and able to choose his own destiny as it were is very important, it’s also good for him to have a partner already so he can focus on just creating.

Now the partnership has been announced there won’t be much speculation to be had about business details, just focusing on making decisions like what engine to use and what their first game will be as they build up the team to handle the size development they want and even expand for the future, setting out a roadmap for where they want to go.

Sony were the natural fit for him because they have worked together closely for many years, since MGS on the original Playstation and he has flickered in and out of exclusive games for Playstation consoles ever since then including some portable stuff which still kept the same high level of quality which is impressive in itself. He said to IGN he had other offers but given the circumstances of the last year or however long these troubles at Konami have last for its good he has found a partner he knows well and not trying to build something new from scratch for a new project and studio.

I used to watch my brother play Metal Gear Solid 1 when I was much younger, I’ve played all the Metal Gear Solid titles (except Portable Ops) and most recently Peace Walker and The Phantom Pain, two games I thought were great warts and all and I really hope he has another AAA story based franchise in him but that is undoubtedly way off for now, maybe on PS5?! To IGN he said he was thinking of a smaller game as his first title which would be a nice start.

I’m not sure what the exact plan is for IP ownership for the new title and I think its interesting that this partnership still allows the game to release on PC although Sony have just released Helldivers on Steam so perhaps it’s not all that surprising, they clearly see something in the market (£££) and I bet Kojima isn’t cheap! Being able to get the game out to as many people is always good and its nice to see Sony supporting this.

Hopefully he can make something to build on and make bigger as time goes given how far Metal Gear has progressed since it started out way back in the late 80s. As much as I love the Metal Gear Solid franchise being forced to split from the franchise he seemingly just couldn’t get away from either voluntarily or otherwise this is his chance to spread his wings and see what else takes his interest. If that’s another stealth/action game I’m all in although anything else radically different is also good for me.

If Kojima is happy then as a fan that is important to me, he is a legendary game creator making one of my favourite franchises and I can’t wait to see what he has planned when the time is right to show it.