Baseball Riot Review

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Baseball Riot by Crimsonland developer 10ton Ltd is the follow-up to Tennis in the Face and is a humorous physics based puzzle game which is out now on Xbox One, Windows (10/mobile), Apple TV, iOS and will be launching on PS4 and PSVita in January.

The game has a simple premise, you play as former baseball player Gabe Carpaccio who is on a quest to destroy the evil Explodz Inc corporation who produces energy drinks, you travel through the US defeating a number of goons who have been corrupts by Explodz Inc including opposition fans, catcher, umpires and more.

To progress on each level you need to knockout all the enemies and you can collect up three stars along the way, to complete a level you must knockout the players but you don’t need to collect all the stars, the challenge is bouncing the ball to knockout the goons and collect the stars in the 3 balls given. The puzzles are nice, relying on bouncing off walls and objects which avoiding hazards like glass to hit enemies and finish the levels, collecting all 3 stars is preferably to help you progress to the next region.

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As you play through more hazards and enemy varieties are added which can change the levels up a lot, such as some enemies need to be hit in a certain way such as from behind or at their feet to knock them down, others can catch balls and so on, hazards like glass with break the ball immediately and you need to get enemies to fall into them or blow them up another way to make things easier for yourself.

It is intended to be a light-hearted, pick up and play puzzle game which players can dive in and out of on all platforms as they see fit which it certainly achieves, as you work through the over 100 levels the challenge increases and collecting all the stars on each level will prove incredibly difficult, even more so if you want to try for a bonus by having a ball or two spare.

The puzzles are really nice and well done, I like how it becomes more challenging with new enemies to mix things up and keep you playing. It certainly feels good to beat levels with all three stars where possible, a certain amount of stars are needed to progress but you can get by without getting all of them as long as all the levels in a section are complete.

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Something that helps make levels a bit easier (outside of some good old trial and error… and by some I mean a lot) is getting three knockouts in a row earns the player an extra ball to hit, this can be extremely useful for going after more stars or just trying to get through the harder levels so they’re pretty important to help you progress.

The aesthetics are nice and simple with a cartoony look to it which complements the overall style of the game well. On Xbox One it has 16 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore which will require you to try to complete some specific challenges and might take some time but they are a nice addition if you want more things to do.

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Physics based puzzle games are quite popular at the moment and Baseball Riot has a nice humour to it with a ton of levels to keep you playing. Its enjoyable and easy to play in short bursts with a trial to give players a chance to check it out before they buy. If you’re not into this sort of game Baseball Riot is unlikely to change your mind but its a nice game that is cheap, will keep you occupied and get you thinking up some nice strategies to beat levels with.

Developer: 10tons Ltd
Publisher: 10tons Ltd
Formats: Xbox One (Played)/PC/Apple TV/iOS/Android/PS4/PSVita
Release Date: 09/12/15 (PS4 and PSVita in January)
Genre: Physics based puzzle game
Price: $4.99/£3.99 on Xbox One and $2.99 on mobile (with trial available)
Website – Windows Store – Xbox Store