Sony PSX Conference Hopes and Expectations


With Sony’s PSX conference in about 3 and a half hours I thought I would give my hopes and expectations for it.

A more tightly produced show

At Paris Games Week Sony had a decent amount of content to show but did it in a largely waffly way, the presentation was lacking and there was a lot of what seemed like filler going on. Let the content speak for itself, show it off, give real details on what is being shown and then move on, if that means having a shorter show but is more tightly produced and come across better then people will like that.

Also waiting for applause is a big no for me too.

Sony Bend’s new IP

I liked Uncharted Golden Abyss on PSVita at launch, it’s probably my favourite Uncharted game as well although that could be due to my Vita goggles, but they are allegedly working on something new and its been a long time, I would really like to get a tease for what that project is. New IP is king for me so anything you show will be greatly appreciated, I will also take a new Syphon Filter.

Keep the VR segment short

It’s an important part of what Playstation are planning for the future so its important they do show it and show off interesting and exciting content but I also don’t think its something that particularly shows massively well in a conference setting, so pick your partnerships well, focus on just showing what is the game is like rather than videos of people with a PS VR on their face and we’ll be golden.

Spread your third-party content well

It’s no secret that Sony have a lot of third-party deals whether it’s from publishers/developers in Japan making exclusive games or their marketing deals on games like COD, Destiny, Assassins Creed etc but there are a lot of games they could show  in general and whilst I’m not expecting them to ignore the many dollars they flashed at their Western partners for marketing deals I think PSX is a much more suitable place for them to give a bigger presence to their Japanese partnerships than a show like E3, Gamescom or Paris Games Week.

Give the Vita 5 minutes of show time

The PSVita is almost unspoken of by Sony except for then basically saying its dead but it does have games coming whether they are indie titles or some games from Japan, perhaps cut out some of that waffle I mentioned earlier and spend 5 minutes on the poor PSVita.

Sucker Punch’s new game

They’ve been quiet for a year now after making Infamous First Light and I’m really hoping they will move on to a new IP next. Infamous Second Son was my first Infamous game and I enjoyed it, it looked great and was fun to play but I would like to see them move on to something else, show us their talent in another area, it’ll be interesting to see what they could come up with. I don’t expect this one to be there, perhaps it is more likely for E3 next year, I think it depends on whether they are making more Infamous or a new IP, I hope for the latter.

Big PS4 OS Improvements

Theres nothing specifically wrong with the PS4s OS but I do think it feels bare and unconnected to the world outside of its walls on the front page (that might just be me). We know they have things like PS2 games releasing on PS4 with trophies and technical improvements as well as remote play for PC/Mac but I hope they have other updates in mind to improve the front page, having a long line of content which I can’t even customise is far too simplified, they should also have the open game/app as a live tile to show its running and where you are.


  • Big indie section as usual with some popular and new games shown
  • More smaller games, Sony have a lot of PSN exclusive titles in the pipeline, it will be good to see more of those in the pipeline which I think they will have.
  • Destiny, Battlefront and maybe COD too
  • More Japanese partnerships, Ace Combat 7 announcement is rumoured, perhaps a new Devil May Cry? Nier Automata? Final Fantasy something?
  • New third-party marketing deals announced, there are lots of games due out next year so plenty to choose from that are unattached for marketing so far (Mafia III, Dishonored II are possibilities)
  • Another Uncharted demo
  • A few internally developed games announced
  • Street Fighter V
  • Probably no new trailers for Horizon, Detroit, Gran Turismo Sport and Wild