Fragmental: a co-op arcade shooter by Ruffian Games now on Steam Greenlight


I recently posted about Ruffian’s new plans for making and owning their own IP along with some other information about Halo franchise related work and whilst the latter has yet to come to fruition the company has been very quick to get their first indie game up and running with a series of blog posts and now the game is up on Steam Greenlight for people to vote on.

So what is Fragmental? (Via the Steam Greenlight page)

“An intense online or couch-play, multiplayer twin-stick shooter with some of the fastest and most frantic gameplay around. It’s a single screen, explosive arcade blast of fun where the weapons and levels are deadly and the rivalry is fierce. 

The top down view means there’s nowhere to hide so you better bring your “A” game! Low ammo ensures changing weapons on the fly is a must. Just make sure you know how to use it or you might blow yourself into a hundred tiny fragments.”

Theres much more on the Greenlight page so you should check that out if the game has peaked your curiosity.


I like that is has online and local co-op, it seems like a fast-paced arcade shooter which looks great in Unreal Engine 4 and incredibly trippy, the level design looks good with transforming arenas to shake things up in the top down battlegrounds with lots of weapons and other game modes.

Ruffian are a studio I like a lot although things don’t seem to have been very easy for them since they were formed to make Crackdown 2, Hollowpoint is still in the making (as far as I know) which looks good and is coming to PC and PS4 first with publisher Paradox Interactive, another co-op focused game.


The greenlight page has a ton of Gifs on it which look better than static screenshots, showing off the nice effects it has so you could definitely give them a look over there as well as the video below.

Hopefully this gets greenlit and has a chance at being a success for the studio!