Mini-Reviews #5: Lego Jurassic World, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Batman Arkham Knight,

Lego Jurassic World (Xbox One)


The Lego games are generally pretty boring to me, I couldn’t finish Lego Star Wars 2 and although I did complete Lego Lord of the Rings it was a disappointing experience to me, i’ve also played various other ones.

I love how they capture the IPs the are representing, I think they do it really well and inject in some nice humour to them, particular where they need to substitute out a scene inappropriate for a younger audience and I get that they are aimed a different age group than mine but despite how well they do in building that world up with Lego blocks they are just the same game over and over which is disappointing. Perhaps I would feel differently if they had kept the online co-op in the Star Wars Complete Saga but it’s always disappointing to me.

I did feel the Jurassic Park games were a bit better than their previous efforts, they had nice inclusions such as controlling dinosaurs and drivable vehicles, it wasn’t terrible but it was just a bit boring for my liking but as I said, these games aren’t really aimed at me which is probably why I don’t find them very exciting.

Unfortunately this is the closest we are going to get to a Jurassic Park/dinosaur game anytime soon.

Steverulez Recommendation: If you have a younger companion to play with, otherwise no.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Xbox One)


I should really should have done a proper review of this but never mind.

The Witcher 3 is a truly incredible game, it looks great, plays great with an interesting story and manages to do something many other games don’t in keeping the quests interesting and varied, something that sees Dragon Age Inquisition fall extremely short on in comparison.

It’s a masterpiece and in years to come I hope this will be seen as the golden standard in open-world RPGs, what CDPR did here is very special and I loved every minute of playing it. Geralt is an interesting character but more than that they made every other character interesting too, the quests make full use of everything in the world and manage to keep things interesting for such a large amount of time that I daren’t look at my game time on my Xbox One.

Something else it did particularly well was controlling Roach the horse, that is nice (although a terrible name) and something games are starting to do well which is good, the story is rewarding and gives you plenty of choices for choosing outcomes with your actions.

I have seen people complain about the combat but I liked it and thought it was really good, I liked taking on beasts of all shapes and sizes, exploring as much as I could to consume the world in front of me, for me it is a game I can’t gush over enough, it’s truly great and worth every minute I put into it.

Steverulez Recommendation: Absolutely, a classic.

Batman Arkham Knight (Xbox One)


The final game in Rocksteady’s trilogy was one that I felt mirrored The Dark Knight Returns in a surprising way, it feels much more epic than what came before it and if you had told me this was part of a new Batman game series in terms of style I wouldn’t have questioned it specifically.

Yes, there are plenty of returning characters and the gameplay for Batman himself is largely the same but now you have this massive world with a fully useable Batmobile and admittedly that was a bit of a problem for some, it doesn’t control all that well although I didn’t find it as bad as some other people did.

The cobra tanks you fight against are very annoying and cheap, controlling the Batmobile when trying to escape can be awkward and annoying but it’s generally fine in battle mode, using it to hoist you around Gotham is quite fun and Batman still has all of his gadgets and whilst the game is enjoyable and my favourite of the three (I didn’t play Origins) it has its own new faults which drag it down.

It’s a big game like most open world games but this takes it to a new level but locking the real ending behind completing every mission including all 250+ riddler trophies which is ridiculous, particularly as the ending you wait for isn’t all that good, I would have probably been satisfied with the original ending had I have known that all of those extra hours I put into it were for that pay off.

As I said though I enjoyed it more than the other two and it will be interesting to see what Rocksteady make next.

Steverulez Recommendation: Yes but unless you love it and want to do everything just google the 100% completion ending.