Crimsonland Review (Xbox One)

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Crimson land is a top down dual-stick shooter from developer 10tons Ltd who more recently released Sparkle Unleashed however Crimsonland was the first game they developed back in 2003 and this version is based on the 2014 remaster released across Steam, Playstation 3, 4, Vita, iOS and Windows Phone!

It’s a game about a guy and his guns, thirty different guns with lots of variety to suit players and situations as well as and fifty-five perks which are used to aid you as well and can turn a situation on its head very handily when things get tricky as well as a variety of power ups. You use a vast array of weaponry to blast through all manner of enemies including spiders, aliens and lizards which is very fun and satisfying if you like the genre.


The game feature two main modes: Quest and Survival, quest is 60 missions where you need to kill all the enemies to progress, you get a score and can unlock weapons and perks and its your typical “campaign” progression with a ton of levels and three difficulty modes which need to be unlocked by completing the previous one, it’s a big mode and very fun.

Perhaps saying there are two main modes is a bit harsh though given Survival mode has 6 variants which give you many different choices for how to you want to play and the choice is really good for the player, it will definitely keep you coming back for more. The different modes are: Survival (classic, with weapons/perks), Rush (survive alien onslaught with an assault rifle), Weapon Picker (limited ammo, random weapon spawns), Nukefism (power ups only!), Blitz (faster survival with perks and weapons) and Waves (survive waves of critters), some nice choice and modes that are enjoyable.


As you make your way through the lengthy quest mode you complete levels and unlock weapons and perks which as listed above carry through to some of the survival modes so it pays to go through the normal campaign at the very least first to get most if not all the items unlocked.

I enjoy the game a lot it’s quite simple which is expected (not a criticism) of this sort of game, you get your guns and your twin-sticks on the controller and have a lot of fun blast through waves of enemies, the different varieties are very nice and as you go through more variants are added to increase the difficulty and it goes from mindless shooting to a game of skill and timing to survive waves. Power ups such as shields, nukes and other boosts are very handy and necessary to survive too, its a cult classic and its very easy to see why given how easy it is to play and shoot stuff.


Being a remaster of a game released 12 years ago now I would say it doesn’t look particularly modern, there is definitely a somewhat dated look to the environments but the blood splatter and enemy models looks nice to make up for that, I wouldn’t call it a looker but it’s not too far the other away either, just a bit dated but the gameplay feels really good to make up for that.

There are some other features too: up to 4 player local co-op for blasting with friends, online leaderboards for both friends and global bragging rights (and co-op ones too) and 22 achievements for Xbox One which always give a nice bit of an extra challenge to go for if you want to carry on playing.



The gameplay is really good which is why it became a cult classic over a decade ago and this update of the game is very enjoyable with lots of content through the quest mode and a variety of survival modes to keep you playing. It feels almost like Doom’s top-down twin-stick brother in that same enjoyable enemies blasting way with over the top weaponry and everything else.

It’s definitely worth checking out if you enjoy this sort of shooter at the very least give the trial available on the Xbox Store a go!


  • Fun easy to get into gameplay
  • Tons of content which varies gameplay well
  • Lots of weapons, power ups and perks


  • Slightly dated look

Developer: 10tons Ltd
Publisher: 10tons Ltd
Formats: Xbox One (Played)/PS4/PS3/PSVita/PC/iOS/WP8
Release Date: 14/10/15 (Xbox One)
Genre: Twin-stick shooter
Price: $/€13.99 with 15% launch discount for Xbox Live Gold members + trial available
Website – Steam Page – Xbox Store (Coming Soon)