Shadow Corps, a turn-based tactical game by Brimstone Interactive



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The name Brimstone Interactive might be on your tip of your tongue for something, a 5 man development team based in Helsinki, Finland they were the studio who sold Microsoft the “Eden Falls” name which was allegedly for a Lift London project that is yet to surface (and probably unlikely to do so at this point).

I was reminded of them this week and looked into whether they had announced their next project and it turns out they have! Meet Shadow Corps for PC/Mac/Linux via Steam:

“In the year 2509 humanity has colonized countless planets across the galaxy. Warlords and mercenaries roam the outer systems and the colonies are on the brink of war. As the commander of Shadow Corps, it’s up to you to bring peace and security to the galaxy, at any cost.

Shadow Corps is a turn-based tactics game where you control a small squad of elite troopers fighting a variety of space mercenaries, criminals or whoever else happens to be threatening the galactic peace at this time.”


The official website for the game lists a number of features both currently available and planned for the future:

Available now:

  • Turn-based combat!
  • Dynamic cover system based on object size and visual occlusion!
  • Trooper leveling system!

Coming Soon:

  • Projectile and ragdolls physics
  • New interface in menus and combat
  • Awesome effects and better feedback
  • Class tiers and gear upgrades




Its been in development for about 18 months at this point and is now ready to hit Steam Greenlight so get your votes in so they can get it released on there. The plan is to get the game up on Steam Early Access so they can continue to develop the game while they sell it, this also allows them to get fan feedback and help shape the game.

There is a DRM free demo available for Windows (32 and 64 bit), Mac and Linux which is listed on the Greenlight page as well as some more information about the planned updates. The website for the game has more screenshots of gameplay too for those that would like to see a bit more.

Its sounds fun and looks good, hopefully they are able to get it greenlit, there is also a Youtube trailer for it below.