Microsoft Studios – Current projects and studios list (October 2015)

October 2015 Edition

First-party studios:

  • 343 Industries – Halo 5: Guardians (Xbox One) / Halo: The Master Chief Collection updates (Xbox One) / Halo Wars 2 (Xbox One/PC)
  • Decisive Games – Unannounced strategy game
  • [Fun]ction Studios – Hololens development
  • Good Science Studio – Hololens development
  • Lift London – Hololens development
  • Lionhead Studios – Fable Legends (Xbox One/PC) / New IP
  • LXP – Hololens development
  • Mojang – Minecraft (PC/Mobile/Hololens) / Cobalt (Xbox One/Xbox 360/PC)
  • Press Play – Project Knoxville
  • Rare –  Sea of Thieves (Xbox One/PC)
  • Team Dakota – Project Spark (Xbox One/PC)
  • The Coalition – Gears of War 4 (Xbox One) / Gears of War Ultimate Edition (Xbox One/PC)
  • Turn10 – Forza Motorsport 6 DLC (Xbox One)

Second party studios (publishing relationships or contract work):

  • 4J Studios – Minecraft: Xbox Edition DLC (Xbox One/Xbox 360)
  • Armature Studios – ReCore (Xbox One)
  • Cloudgine – Crackdown 3 (Xbox One)
  • Comcept – ReCore (Xbox One)
  • Creative Assembly – Halo Wars 2 (Xbox One/PC)
  • Fatshark – Cobalt (Xbox One/Xbox 360)
  • Harmonix Music Systems – Dance Central: Spotlight DLC (Xbox One)
  • Iron Galaxy – Killer Instinct: Season Three (Xbox One/PC)
  • Moon Studios – Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition [DLC Expansion] (Xbox One/PC)
  • Motiga – Gigantic (Xbox One/PC)
  • Oxeye Games – Cobalt (Xbox One/Xbox 360/PC)
  • Platinum Games – Scalebound (Xbox One)
  • Reagent Games – Crackdown 3 (Xbox One)
  • Remedy Entertainment – Quantum Break (Xbox One)
  • Saber Interactive – Halo Online (PC)
  • Splash Damage – Gears of War Ultimate Edition (Xbox One/PC)
  • Undead Labs – Unannounced project
  • Sumo Digital – Crackdown 3 (Xbox One)

Third-party relationships (exclusives games that are third-party publisher titles):

  • Crystal Dynamics [Square Enix] – Rise of the Tomb Raider (Xbox One/Xbox 360)

Recent publishing or third-partnerships partnerships with no announced active exclusive project:

  • Certain Affinity – Halo: The Master Chief Collection (Xbox One)
  • Frontier Developments – Screamride (Xbox One/Xbox 360)
  • Harmonix Music Systems [Disney Interactive] – Fantasia: Music Evolved DLC (Xbox One/Xbox 360)
  • Insomniac Games – Sunset Overdrive (Xbox One)
  • Playground Games – Forza Horizon 2 (Xbox One/Xbox 360)
  • Ruffian Games – Halo The Master Chief Collection: Halo 3 / Halo 4/Halo 3 ODST (Xbox One)
  • Twisted Pixel – “AAA game” (Previously Lococycle)
  • Vanguard Games – Halo: Spartan Strike (PC/mobile)

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Change list & other notes:

  • Twisted Pixel have gone independent again, its unknown whether Microsoft are still publishing their next unannounced title(s?) they have in development right now so I moved them to the previous relationship pile until such a time as their next project is announced and we can see where it falls.
  • Team Dakota have announced that Project Spark is going completely Free-to-Play and development on new content packs is unlikely.
  • I’ve removed Big Park as well because they’re just doing app, the website has gone and Microsoft don’t even list them on their own website, they also share a building with The Coalition I believe.
  • Code Mystics removed after Rare Reply came out in August
  • Playground moved to previous partnerships although I will leave them on there as I suspect Forza Horizon 3 next year is pretty much a guarantee
  • Removed Wargaming as World of Tanks is coming to Playstation 4

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