Leo’s Fortune Review


Leo’s Fortune from Tilting Point is a critically acclaimed platform adventure game making its way from mobile to Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC in 1080p and follows the story of Leo who is hunting down the thief that stole his gold.

In this remastered version it has 24 levels across 5 chapters – 4 levels per chapter plus an unlockable bonus level which you need to collect some shiny gold gears for and a hardcore difficulty mode where you get 1 life for the entire game, with the aim to complete all the levels without dying once. As each level is only a few minutes long this isn’t perhaps the challenge it might seem like but it will still take some mastering to manage it.


There are also a number of gold coins on each level which need to be collected and finally there is a par score for each level which might take some mastering too, rather nicely it does also tell you how many times you died in a level! Checkpoints go relatively unnoticed because the game puts you back to pretty much literally the previous place you were before you died (providing it was safe to drop you there) which was nice.

It’s a simple game at heart, you control Leo who is fairly fluffy and round with a moustache, he can jump as well as expand which allows him to float downwards slowly and he can do a divebomb which is useful for getting between moving platforms quickly as well as building momentum for when he has to slide around things.


Saying a game is simple is not necessarily a criticism but for the most part you are just guiding Leo through simple platforming that require only a little precision and if you just want to play through it you’ll probably not get much enjoyment but the challenge is in trying to get 3 stars on every level. The criteria for this is all the coins, no deaths and within the par time. There are also a few simple puzzles but they are that way to enable you to keep momentum towards your times.

I did enjoy using the divebomb to slide around and then jump between different curves, it’s quite satisfying to do when you gain some momentum, throwing Leo from slide to slide and when the time does come for some careful floating and divebomb combinations too this was when I enjoyed it the most.


The transition to new platforms looks great, the various backgrounds look lovely and you can see the high quality artwork of the various environments gives it a sharpness I liked a lot with some nice effects and other things going on as you progress too.

It has its charms in its presentation both of the character and the way the story is told, to just finish it will take very little time time at all but unless you are a real pro (which I was not) you will find a lengthy game in trying to getting all the stars for each level. Its a fun time waster that isn’t the deepest game you will find but certainly enjoyable if you are up to the challenge.


There are 36 achievements the majority of which aren’t too difficult to get, the usual stuff like completing acts, getting the secret cogs and collecting coins as well as completing bonus levels and difficulties will give you a good reason to keep coming back if you enjoy the game.

As a remaster it is a faithful representation of the mobile game making the leap to other platforms which looks great, Leo’s Fortune is fairly simple but fun with a low price of entry, the end game in getting all of the stars and going for the achievements are where it stands out.


  • Looks great
  • Sliding and divebombs are enjoyable
  • Getting 3 stars on each level will take skill and time


  • Not much there if getting all of the stars doesn’t appeal

Developer: 1337 & Senri LLC
Publisher: 1337 & Senri LL
Formats: Xbox One (Played)/PS4/PC/iOS/Android
Release Date: 09/11/15 (Xbox One)
Genre: Platformer
Price: $7.99/£5.19