Weekly News Roundup: Bundles, Borderlands and Release Dates [5th September]

Something new I’m going to do to be a bit more on the ball about commenting on news where something isn’t significant enough for me to want to write a few hundred words on it, I won’t comment on everything as that will be pointless but I’ll try to focus on the more relevant ones:

New Xbox One/Playstation 4 bundles & accessories

  • Xbox One Elite Bundle
    • 1tb console with solid state hybrid drive
    • Elite controller
    • Releasing November 3rd for $499
  • Playstation 4 Uncharted Collection Bundle
    • 500gb 1200 model (Better power efficiency, better on/off buttons)
    • Digital code for Uncharted 1-3 on PS4
    • Releasing October 9th for $399
  • Xbox One Lunar White Controller
    • White controller with gold d-pad and triggers
    • GameStop exclusive releasing late September for $64.99

You can tell it was the Gamestop conference this week! The bundles aren’t a surprise and the Elite one has been rumoured for a while, with Sony’s fairly thin line-up of first-party retail exclusives this holiday an Uncharted bundle was a necessity and expected, it makes a lot of sense with some of the other news down below.



The Elite bundle seems a bit expensive, I would have thought perhaps including a game (Gears? Halo MCC?) would have made sense but the hybrid hard drive is probably quite expensive to include. The Lunar controller looks pretty awful with the gold bits on it, I’m not a fan of that at all and its a shame

Release Dates galore!

  • CastleCrashers Remastered [Xbox One] – September 9th, $15
    • Free until September 20th if you owned it on Xbox 360, $5 21st onwards [XBL Gold]
  • Deadpool Remaster [Xbox One/PS4] – November 20th
    • $50, retail and digital release
  • Resident Evil Origins Collection [PS4/Xbox One/PC] – January 22nd 2016
    • Includes Remake Remastered and RE0 Remastered
    • RE0 standalone date unconfirmed but will be $20, includes “Wesker Mode”
  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided [Xbox One/PS4/PC] – February 23rd 2016
    • Collectors Edition [no price] inc statue and in-game stuff
  • Uncharted 4: Thief’s End [PS4] – March 18th 2016
    • Collectors Edition $80 inc statue and in-game stuff

The Castle Crashers news is most welcome, I thought it would be a Games With Gold title but this works for me, its great to see developers reward their early buyers with a nice upgrade option, perhaps I will finally get round to playing it now!


I am excited to see how Deadpool compares to the Prototype remasters knowing Activision they will find a whole new way to top it, what a waste. I am confused by the lack of date for RE Zero Remastered digitally, having already bought REmake Remastered I only want Zero standalone, seems strange they won’t commit to the same date digitally, perhaps it will end up a bit earlier?

The two big ones though are Deus Ex and Uncharted, the former releasing the same week as Mirrors Edge Catalyst unless the (stupid) pre-order campaign is campaign is successful in which case it will release 4 days earlier, I loved Human Revolution on Xbox 360 so I am in day 1 for Mankind Divided, I’ve already done my part for the campaign by pre-ordering it already.



I’m not a big Uncharted fan, I much preferred Tomb Raider 2013 and The Last of Us so I find myself hoping Naughty Dog do hit their March date so they can get back to TLOU. I will play Uncharted 4 at some point, I’m not sure whether that will be sooner or later, though.

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

  • Borderlands [1] available in Preview now
    • Move over your Xbox 360 saves and add-ons
    • GameDVR doesn’t work due to “licensing issues”
  • Castle Crashers will also be available “soon”

This was the news Phil Spencer was talking about recently which got delayed a couple of weeks, its good more games are getting into preview and Borderlands was to be expected as it was shown off by Major Nelson around the announcement. I got it on sale for $5 on XBL recently too in preparation so I will be playing this soon and checking it out. I don’t really understand the licensing issues around GameDVR usage though and they should have been a bit more upfront about it rather than waiting for people for notice.


Castle Crashers is a great move too especially with a remaster coming, that’s good support. I was hoping the news would be a bit more substantial, although really what I wanted was Gears of War 2/3/Judgment to be in preview but I will have to keep waiting a bit longer for that one!

Playstation 4 OS Update 3.00

  • PS+ online storage increased from 1gb to 10gb
  • Youtube streaming from the console
  • Favourite Groups; sort PSN friends into groups
  • Screenshots; can now be saved as PNGs
  • Request to watch a friends gameplay session
  • Share video clips to twitter (10 seconds long)
  • Events; a hub for showing events for the games you play most
  • Communities; create communities based on shared interests, includes message boards, screenshot uploads and ability to join and invite members to parties

It’s a big update with some good stuff in it, Youtube streaming, PS+ online storage and Communities are the highlights I think which will make a lot of people happy, the storage increase was an absolute must and its good to see they have been pro-active with it.

Theres a ton of highly requested features here, I think Communities will be a great feature if a lot of people get involved and hopefully its a good as it seems.