Quest of Dungeons Review

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Quest of Dungeons by Upfall Studios is turn-based rogue like dungeon crawler in which a dark lord has stolen the light and your job is to defeat him choosing from 5 characters with different classes and abilities, releasing on Xbox One and previously launched on PC, iOS and Android.

It is an addictive and very fun game which requires some tactical movement and decision-making is perfect for long or short sessions. It’s really easy to get into and lose time on, I found myself getting attached to my character because of the permadeath and being one wrong turn away from starting again.

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There are 4 classes available at the beginning with one unlockable after you complete the first dungeon, warrior, wizard, assassin and shaman, the differences between them seem quite obvious, warriors uses a sword, assassin and wizard are focused on long-range combat (but can do close combat) and the shaman is good at spells and close combat. When you start I recommend being the assassin or wizard to get used to the game, being able to take down enemies at range is easier I found too.

It’s a turn-based game but it feels like a real-time/turn-based mix, when you move around normally it just takes every tile you move over to be a move for you and then for enemies without breaking it up into a lengthy “you go – pause – I go – pause” situation. When you attack its much the same, it works really well and I like that its aim is to be fluid and to let you carry on moving and attacking (as well as your opponent) without menus and other slower systems.

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I liked the depth to the game a lot, there’s a lot of different things going on which make it enjoyable, class types mix up gameplay nicely and you collect new abilities for more powerful or special attacks, the dungeons and item placements are procedural so no two play throughs are the same. Finally there is also a big inventory management system which relies on buying and selling items as well as getting new equipment to improve your hero which is a big part of the game.

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You have to know when to pick your battles when it comes to boss fights, charging into them is usually a terrible idea and whenever I find a boss if the situation permits I usually back out of the room, make sure I have full health, my abilities and mana where appropriate so I’m good to go. If you’re a good level for fighting a boss then you’ll probably wreck them but otherwise they will do the same to you, my general rule was if I found a boss near the beginning of a floor to close the door and leave it for a while before going back, if I was near the end (the map will show you how much you’ve explored on a particular floor) then I will try my chances.

As you go round the dungeons you collect coins, loot, items and equipment which can be used or sold as appropriate, the equipment should be compared with what you currently have and then sold on if not, you collect a lot of treasures which are purely for the purposes of being sold but the economy is important as it gives you access to better items via the merchants which are planted around each floor.

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Outside of the two levels main level Omphar and Rackan which can be played on four difficulties, there is also a custom game where you can select the dungeon sizes, difficulty and the amount of floors for that extended play through if you want to really test yourself, it’s a very cool tool which lets you choose you own adventure.

Levelling up is as you’d expect, each floor has higher XP enemies but unless you are super confident or trying to do it in a speed run I wouldn’t recommend just going straight to the next floor, which is designated by stairs or ladders, down is for harder ones, up is the previous level. You also get quests from purple headstone looking rocks which give you extra XP and items which are very beneficial, the more scouting around you do the more money, items and XP you’ll get which will help you a lot later.

I spent a lot of time playing it for this review, it’s just so easy to get invested as its such an enjoyable game. Its retro-inspired theme is well represented and it’s definitely worth of the era its been inspired by.

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For the achievement hunters reading this they seem very fair and need a bit of grinding for a few but feature the regulars like completing on different difficulties, characters, within certain time limits and the usual do X a certain amount of times, I don’t think it will be very challenging for those that want to put the time in to do them all.

Quest of Dungeons is a great little game, it’s very enjoyable with a surprising amount of depth, procedural levels and custom games add a lot along with the turn-based gameplay and RPG systems all work really well together to make a charming retro-inspired game that I think will surprise a lot of people and is well worth checking out for the entry price.


  • Easy to get into
  • Good depth to it
  • All the systems work well together


  • Warriors suck

Price: $8.99/£7.19
Formats: Xbox One (Played)/PC/iOS/Android
Developer: Upfall Studios
Publisher: Upfall Studios
Official website – Xbox Store