MS Gamescom 2015 Predictions Review



Following the conclusion of Gamescom 2015 its time to review my predictions for the show, it wasn’t just about the conference so anything else Xbox showed or announced at the Daily Shows or some other capacity will be including in this. Generally I think I did pretty well really:

  • Quantum Break = March 2016 release date, Alan Wake Remastered pre-order bonus available in 2015
    • April release date. No Alan Wake Remastered
  • Scalebound has 4 player co-op, Spring 2016 release date
    • 4 player co-op, holiday 16
  • Crackdown gameplay demo, cloud tech destruction detailed, Holiday 2016
    • Yep, yep and nope, the game is scheduled for Summer 2016
  • Halo 5 LE console, Fifa 16, Tomb Raider and Fallout 4 bundles
    • Halo 5 and Fifa 16 bundles
  • New Halo 5 trailer featuring Master Chief + TR, Forza 6 trailers
    • Trailers for all, although not a Master Chief one
  • Brand new Halo game announced, not made by 343 Industries, begins in 2016
    • Halo Wars 2 made by Creative Assembly, 2016
  • Halo Spartan Strike (finally) announced for Xbox consoles
    • Nope
  • Halo MCC PC port announced
    • Nope

  • More backwards compatible games announced including Red Dead Redemption and Call of Duty(s)
    • 2k are onboard with backwards compatibility but RDR wasn’t specifically mentioned, Activision are not on-board per the image MS showed
  • Fable Legends open beta release date announced
    • PC closed beta was detailed but nothing about the open beta
  • New AAA exclusive announced from a new development partner
    • Does Halo Wars count?
  • New Moon Studios game announced
    • They didn’t announce a new game but they did announce Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition including lots of fixes and new content added so half marks?
  • New Frontier Developments game
    • Nope
  • EA Access getting Xbox 360 games in the vault,Fifa 16 stuff
    • EA Access was mentioned for Fifa 16 but that was about it
  • More ID@Xbox titles announced
    • Yep, lots of Game Preview titles and other announcements
  • Homefront The Revolution resurfaces, partnership with Xbox
    • Yep
  • Fallout 4 DLC deal announced
    • Nope
  • The Divisionis shown, again, with release date this time
    • Nope
  • New Xbox One dashboard goes into preview
    • Nope, next month per Mike Ybarra
  • AnotherHololens demo
    • Nope, thankfully
  • Price drop in European countries announced (not UK)
    • Yes! Microsoft didn’t bill it as one but the 1tb Fifa 16 bundle + 12 months EA Access is €399 and the 500gb bundle + 1 month EA Access is €369, the 1tb console launched at €449 in Europe

What also won’t be at Gamescom [Predictions]:

  • Twisted Pixel
    • Boom
  • Press Play
    • Boom
  • Lionhead’s new IP and/or other projects outside of Fable Legends
    • Boom
  • Decisive Games
    • Boom
  • State of Decay follow-up
    • Boom
  • Another new Rare game
    • Boom
  • Killer Instinct Season 3
    • The one blemish on my list, March 16 for PC/Xbox One

I feel like I did pretty well really, its all about having reasonable expectations I think and given Microsoft announced/showed off 5 new games at E3 (ReCore, Sea of Thieves, Gears Ultimate Edition, Gears 4, Rare Replay) I think it was unlikely that Microsoft were going to blow their load again at Gamescom.

Microsoft confirmed that as it stands every game they have announced is due to launch before the end of 2016 with a nice little graphic which is interesting, since the generation began they have announced games pretty early with the big 3 unveils at Gamescom announced in May 2013 (Quantum Break) and E3 2014 (Scalebound/Crackdown). The intention is obviously to announce closer to launch, not overly close to launch but I think doing them the year before rather two years before make a lot of sense.



For some reason the picture omits Halo Wars 2 which was probably the biggest announcement given they got Sega owned studio Creative Assembly to make it who just released Alien Isolation and make the Total War series.

I will have a more detail analysis of Microsoft at Gamescom up soon