Twisted Pixel working on a “AAA game”


Some pre-E3 info I’ve noticed from a relatively new employee on Linkedin is that their next game, by one person at least, is being referred to as a “AAA” game.

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(Via Linkedin)

This is quite interesting, especially given the studio is only at 26 people according to Linkedin and even if that number was slightly wrong I doubt they are very far north of 30-35, I also like the enthusiasm of “amazing up coming AAA title” and “some super duper cool AAA game”, at least he is positive about the project being worked on!

So what does AAA mean? Well, AAA is often a budget/scope/resources indicator I’ve always thought, how much is the publisher spending on the game? Is it a big budget game for the studio? And this is where I think I understand what is meant in context here.

As a smaller studio, this is likely their biggest project yet, its been in development since at least mid-2013 with art work in Lococycle when it launched on Xbox One (and remember, Twisted Pixel seemingly didn’t develop the Xbox One/PC ports!) so we could be at least 2 years into development by now, if not more. Add to that they have hired a few more people since the Microsoft acquisition, I think AAA in this context isn’t suggesting it has a Halo or Gears of War sized budget but more that it’s a big budget for the studio, given their size and also a much bigger project in scope, this makes the most sense to me anyway.

Twisted Pixel have had a good run of regular releases since their first games in 2009 but you can see the gap opened up to for Lococycle and likely only that distance due to the delay of having the Xbox One version first so it stands to reason that even in game development length terms, it definitely seems to be the one they’ve had cooking for the longest

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(Via Wikipedia)

Phil Spencer said back in December it was coming along well and is “likely the biggest game they’ve ever built”:

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All of this is quite exciting particularly as its described as very different to what they’ve done before, I’m cautiously optimistic about the game given the comments made above, perhaps we will see it at E3?

On a final note they have somewhat recently posted a couple of new job listings too although they don’t tell us too much unfortunately except mentioning their proprietary engine:

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 23.12.45 Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 23.13.13