Mini-Reviews #4: Batman Arkham City, Resident Evil Remastered and Saints Row IV Re-Elected

Batman Arkham City (Xbox 360)


I liked Arkham Asylum but wasnt a huge fan of it but I wanted to play Arkham City before Arkham Knight came out and found it another good but unremarkable game if I’m honest. it looked nice (for a years old Xbox 360 game) and it controls fine but it’s just not a franchise I am overly enthusiastic about.

It retained much of the feel of the first one except with a notably bigger budget and a much bigger city landscape, I like the traversal although admittedly I wasn’t particularly skilled at it. I like that it focuses on all the different villains in the universe much more than the recent Nolan films which were fairly narrow in comparison, it does well to differentiate itself and focus on what makes the world so enjoyable to so many people.

The Catwoman sections mixed the game up well and it was really good that she was a unique character on her own with all new moves and she felt very different to control – as you’d expect but sometimes it doesn’t always happen like that so its good they got that right.

I don’t have many criticisms specifically of the game either, the combat is fine, I like trying to get combos going (but again I’m not especially talented at it) and all the gadgets are pretty cool so that’s nice but something about them just doesn’t click with me, I’m happy to play them through though.

Steverulez Recommendation: Good game especially for big Batman fans

Resident Evil Remastered (Xbox One)


Truth time, I watched my brother play a lot of this when I was much younger and was quite terrified of zombies at the time but age mellows those childhood fears and now I am all grown up it was finally my turn to play this classic and my word, what a game.

The Gamecube was clearly great for its time, it still looks good and retains that atmosphere incredibly well which I liked a lot and is a great survival horror action game. The puzzles are cool, I was constantly saving to make sure I didn’t lose lots of progress, it’s a reasonably complex game I thought in terms of progression, you could easily get very stuck for a long time but I got through it alright.

I chose Jill and benefitted from the extra inventory slots and didn’t regret it, its impressive what Capcom achieved back on PS1 and Gamecube hardware with the different character choices and managed to create an intriguing story with twists and turns, perhaps it was a bit undeveloped but I think its one of those games where your experience in the mansion is a story in itself, much more so in games where you can decide where you go between the different sections.

I had a huge amount of fun with the game and can’t wait for Resident Evil Zero Remastered and the Resident Evil 2 remake as well.

Steverulez Recommendation: Great game, a classic

Saints Row IV: Re-Elected (Xbox One)


Saints Row was a very enjoyable game back in 2006 and I liked its sequels too which I thought carved their own type of game away from the comparisons with Grand Theft Auto, keeping a lighter tone of being ridiculous fun but I can’t help but feel it’s straying too far from what it originally was and gone in a direction I’m not overly interested in.

Its trying too hard to mimic and be lots of different things, it was part RPG, part Crackdown 3, part Saints Row and a few other things, it was a fun enough game but I don’t really feel that interested anymore in what Saints Row is doing which is a shame as I did really like the others.

Maybe I should put a “No fun allowed” sign on my door, I know a few people who loved it but it just didn’t do much for me at all, co-op was quite cool when I did it but as with some franchises that have gone on for a while I kind of hope Volition put their efforts into making something else new and see what other things they can come up.

Steverulez Recommendation: Not really for me anymore but others might like it