Mini-Reviews #3: Screamride, Kalimba, Rayman Legends

Screamride (Xbox One)


Developed by Frontier developments who made Xbox One launch title Zoo Tycoon, Screamride is a fun game about rollercoasters, riding them, building them and destroying them with impressive physics and destruction mechanics I had a lot of fun with.

The campaign has 3 modes to it: screamrider, destruction and builder with different goals on each level with 6 “series” each of which have multiple levels within them for each gameplay type. I feel like it suffered a bit between being a premium digital title and low-cost retail game but whatever it was it’s certainly fun.

I enjoyed the Screamrider levels the most (up to Series 6 anyway) where you are controlling the car as you ride around the track, depending how you do for speed, boosts and specials like going on two wheels you get a score at the end which is matched to the goals. If you complete all the score based goals and all the bonus objectives (don’t disconnect from the track etc) you get a gold medal which is nice and fun.

Destruction is a nice change of pace where you throw different types of balls into buildings to destroy them and the physics really shine here as buildings fall down or into each other, also getting you big scored to proceed. Finally Builder is the most creative mode, finishing or building tracks to meet a certain criteria of what needs to be in it then you can ride you tracks. You can also share these on Xbox Live in the Xbox One version.

Screamride is a fun game, I enjoyed it although the last series gets very difficult and is a bit of a pain to complete, certainly worth a shot though.

Steverulez Recommendation: Play it and have fun.

Developer/Publisher: Frontier Developments/Microsoft Studios – Platforms: Xbox One (played), Xbox 360 – Price: $39.99/£29.99

Kalimba (Xbox One)

Playable in single player or local co-op Kalimba really surprised me, I only played the single player levels but the quality of level design is ridiculously good, it manages to stay challenging without doing what a lot games do and just try to break you.

You have two totems that you control at the same time and they can work together (one on top of the other) or separately when required, it’s a puzzle platformer so you are doing a lot of jumping and matching colours, you can go upside down etc, I can’t recommend it enough it was a game I really enjoyed.

The tightness of the level design and introduction of fun new mechanics was a great accomplishment for Press Play, keeping the two totems in-sync as you do things like glide through levels, jump one at a time to get past sections, do boss battles etc is all really impressive.

It’s difficult to explain exactly how good I thought it was but as you can tell I was very impressed by it, the art style is very nice too, there is certainly a great little game here.

Steverulez Recommendation: Must play, whether solo or with a local co-op partner

Developer/Publisher: Press Play/Microsoft Studios – Platforms: Xbox One (Played), PC – Price: $9.99/£6.99

Rayman Legends (Xbox One)


I didn’t play Origins so the UbiArt Rayman series was new to me. The style is certainly very nice, graphically it looks fantastic, it’s also a fun game I enjoyed hunting for the blue things although something about it didn’t quite click with me like it seemed to with other people.

The platforming is good and its satisfying to search the levels and try to find all the teensies, checking every nook and cranny, finding secret areas etc then having challenge rooms of some sort generally to get to them was good and on more challenging levels where you’re being chased (for example) was enjoyable to go back and try to get the ones you missed.

It’s a very big game too, there is a ton to do outside of just finishing levels and getting all the blue guys there are time attack scores to get for each level, Origin’s levels have been added and are unlockable, boss fights and other things. If you enjoy it there is a lot of game there to get your teeth into and as I said I did like it although not as much as I’ve seen other people did.

Steverulez Recommendation: Fun game, worth playing

Developer/Publisher: Ubisoft Montpellier/Ubisoft – Platforms: Xbox One (Played), PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, Playstation 3, PSVita, WiiU