Completed games mini-reviews #1: GTAV, Shadow Warrior and The Last of Us Remastered

Writing long/proper impressions of each game is a bit of a strain at times so I’m going to do smaller posts about games I’ve completed, group them together and hopefully offer something worth reading in a more condensed form. If I feel it necessary to say more about a game I definitely will but this lets me write about other games too. A short wordy rating at the bottom of each game is there too and platform played is in the header:

Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox One):


I find it hard to believe 30+ million people can be wrong but GTAV has fixed none of the issues of its predecessor: the people feel like you’re moving around buses, cars feel like they’re made of cardboard, cover is clunky and the activities are pretty ridiculous, I don’t particularly want to play tennis in GTA. There is a decent story, the plot twists are predictable and the choice of endings is a nice one to decide what happens, the script is largely awful though, some of the dialogue is eye roll inducing.

The game does look stunning though, every time I played it I was constantly in awe of how good it looks, so at least Rockstar got one thing right, it does also run really well generally which is good.

For the story mode its lengthy, the best mission by far is the first heist, the rest of the heist are pretty disappointing and not many of the other story missions are particularly exciting but they’re not terrible. Grand Theft Auto is a series I’d love to be love, but I just really don’t, Rockstar spend all that money on a game that feels terrible to control and a story filled with cheap stereotypes, so disappointing.

Online is kind of fun for a bit too but it’s just not something I enjoy overall, shooting your friends and getting them killed is fun enough for a bit though.

Steverulez Recommendation: For seemingly anyone that’s not me? Sure.

Shadow Warrior (Playstation 4):


This was not a game I enjoyed at all, the graphics are ok but the art style is kind of bad, I can deal with not looking great if it runs well but it doesn’t, it runs pretty poorly with a fluctuating frame-rate, tearing, stuttering checkpoint saves and generally not looking great and on top of that despite the interesting idea it’s not really a very enjoyable game.

The gun/sword combo could be pretty cool but even with all the upgrades and progression of each weapon it still doesn’t get very fun, the enemies are uninteresting as is the story, I can do crazy but this is crazy is an unappealing way I was really disappointed with it.

Towards the end it throws a lot of sections filled with just more and more enemies being set to you in waves and makes it a chore and trying to extend the length of the game that way which is strange as it’s a long game anyway. The boss battles are also pretty poor as I said I didn’t enjoy it much and I’m really disappointed.

Steverulez rating: Not recommended

The Last of Us Remastered (Playstation 4):


The Last of Us is a great game, one of those rare games that combine a great cinematic story with great gameplay, I like the world its set in, the crafting, the weapons, scavenging for parts/materials, it’s definitely Naughty Dog’s finest work and its a shame to see them go back to Uncharted after this really.

When you have a lengthy game its important to make it good but hard to keep the level design and sections up to scratch but it never fades off, keeping the story going, it really is an incredibly impressive achievement. It also looks good on PS4 as well, I chose for 30fps locked personally, gotta have those slightly better shadows!

I hadn’t played the Left Behind DLC before so that was new for me and it’s really good, mixing a section of the story which is skipped over in the main game with a prequel section and fleshed out the stories of both really well with less emphasis on crafting and looking for materials but not to its detriment.

I didn’t really think much of the multiplayer when I tried it briefly but I think this sort of game for me is only really a campaign sort of game.

Steverulez recommendation: Great