We Are Doomed Review


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We Are Doomed is a twin-stick shooter from developer Vertex Pop, it’s a high-score chasing game with a colourful and distinctive art style which really stands out as it looks great.

It’s a very simple game at its core, right stick for shooting your energy beam and left stick for moving your white little ship around the grid and your aim is to shoot the polygonal enemies which appear in many varieties. As you play blue/purple coloured squares appear on the grid and are also dropped by killed enemies, collecting these increases your multiplier and your super beam charge once you have enough you can unleash the super powered weapon on your enemies, which will help you clear the board and gain a very short amount of invisibility to help you out of a tricky spot too.

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With a bigger multiplier your score will increase more rapidly but if you die it will reset!

There are two game modes: Waves and Endless, for Waves you have 4 lives to help fight through 30 rounds of enemies with checkpoints every 10 waves, it ramps up in difficulty and enemy variety as you progress, after the 30 waves you get an overall score for your efforts. Endless is unsurprisingly endless, you have 3 lives difficulty is represented by zones which increase as you go through and the same enemies seen in Waves are present here.

It is a simple game, there isn’t much depth to it which isn’t necessarily a detriment to it, it’s an enjoyable game and I found it quite difficult to get what I considered a high score with plenty of skill required to really excel at it which is what you want but it does also lack options or some sort of hook to make it a great game.

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The graphical style is like a very colourful painted canvas which looks great and the “rough” edges to everything look in keeping with the style its going for, the colours are vivid and when there are lots on-screen it looks very good and busy. Its well complemented by the music which feels calming and doesn’t react too much to the action going on. I think perhaps this colourful style is intended to be what makes it different and whilst it does look very nice I don’t think it can specifically mask over that simplicity of the gameplay.

As mentioned earlier there is a definite increased difficulty which if you can overcome will yield massive scores and it makes it a good challenge which will entice the player to come back and have that sense of success as you fight through to “beat it”. The difficulty might even be a bit deceiving, it doesn’t look like a particularly tough game but as you progress you face greater numbers and variety of enemies which will make you adjust you play style.

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Your best friend in a game like this is always going to be your special ability, the super beam will help you clear the board, destroy some enemies your regular beam won’t and I like that when using it if you collect more of the dropped boxes it will charge it a bit more and increase the duration of the beam.

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The achievements are quite challenging and are aimed at your progression and skill as a player including complete all 30 waves without dying and having certain scores after certain waves or zones, they will definitely give you a reason to keep going back if you can if you want to master the game.

We Are Doomed is a simple and visually stylish twin-stick shooter, it lacks a hook that elevates the game to greater heights but it’s still fun and challenging, if you enjoy games like Geometry Wars and Sixty Second Shooter I would definitely recommend looking into it. There is definitely enough to keep you interested and playing, particularly if you have friends on the leaderboards that you want to beat!

  • Price: $9.99
  • Release Date: Out now on Xbox One/Playstation 4, 21/04/15 on Steam
  • Formats: PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4
  • Developer: Vertex Pop
  • Publisher: Vertex Pop
  • Visit: Website – Twitter