Hype: Primal Carnage Extinction


Im a huge fan of dinosaurs, and to me there is a criminal lack of media featuring dinosaurs, its absolutely criminal as I think they offer a large amount of potential in the freedom of representation and variety in gameplay but particularly on PC there are a few games around.


Primal Carnage Extinction is one such game, its a class-based online first person multiplayer shooter of humans vs dinosaurs, developed by Circle Five Studios

With the launch the currently features:

  • 5 Dinosaur Classes, 9 total Playable Dinosaurs
  • 5 Mercenary Classes with lots of weapons – Each Mercenary has 2 weapons and one throwable to battle the dinosaurs with. The game launches with one weapon available per slot, but more are on the way.
  • 2 Game Modes (Team Deathmatch and Get to the Chopper) and 13 Unique Maps
  • Character Customization– there are a variety of cosmetic options for players to customize their dinosaurs andmercenaries with. Steam Economy Support and Item Drops
  • Epic Soundtrack


I have been given the chance to play Primal Carnage Extinction which launched on Steam over the Easter weekend (3rd April 2015), its been in Early Access on Steam and has now been launched although the developer will continue to update it with new features and content which are outlined on the games Trello page.

Checkout the launch trailer below, I will be writing about the game soon as I play it so watch out for that when I do: