Alan Wake franchise sells 4.5m units, time to bring it back!


Matias Myllyrinne, CEO of Remedy Entertainment tweeted today to announce that the Alan Wake Franchise has sold 4.5 million units since its release on Xbox 360 in May 2010, since we’ve had two DLC episodes, a PC port which was successful and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare which released in February 2012 on XBLA (May ’12 for PC), unfortunately the initial sales weren’t enough for Microsoft to fund a sequel and instead after American Nightmare Remedy began work on Quantum Break which is currently due for release this year although may get delayed.


Releasing on the same day as Red Dead Redemption definitely did not help the launch of Alan Wake and is largely attributed to it’s not so successful launch but 5 years later we can see that a great game has a big audience which should be encouraging to Microsoft and Remedy.

To help with the sales of the game it was part of the Xbox 360’s Holiday 2010 bundle along with Forza Motorsport 3, it’s obviously been on sale many times on both Xbox 360 and PC as well as having its own Humble Bundle in May 2013 after Quantum Break was announced.


We can see a timeline for the games success, in an interview with Electronic Theatre on 27th March 2012 Remedy said they had hit around 2 million units, it had sold over 3 million by May 2013 and since has gone on to 4.5m which is a great achievement.

So whats next? Well, Microsoft and Remedy have kept their close relationship obviously with Microsoft funding and owning Quantum Break although Remedy do own Alan Wake, Oskari Hakkinen (Head of franchise development at Remedy) said that it is a franchise they see as something that is a partnership between them and Microsoft:

“Electronic Theatre: It’s both. Would Alan Wake’s American Nightmare come to PC and would the original Alan Wake come to PlayStation 3?
OS: Alan Wake as a franchise will never come to PS3. Hopefully that’s not your headline but for everyone that’s pretty obvious. If you would ask if Uncharted is ever going to…

Electronic Theatre: Well Uncharted’s a different kettle of fish, because that is a Sony owned franchise, you own your own IP. It’s a different ball park there.
OS: Yeah but there’s definitely a certain amount of respect as well for the publisher there. It’s something we would never consider for the Alan Wake franchise.

Electronic Theatre: So, if you were to go for an Alan Wake 2 or a successor to Alan Wake’s American Nightmareyou would be looking to Microsoft to publish it presumably.
OS: For Alan Wake…?

Electronic Theatre: For a boxed sequel or for a further episode of Alan Wake’s American Nightmare.
OS: When I talk about Alan Wake as a franchise I definitely see Microsoft as a partner.” (Via Electronic Theatre 27th March 2012)

This is promising for Xbox and PC owners are Microsoft will understand the game and what it needs to succeed going forwards.

There was a recent survey which said an Xbox One remaster was coming and asked if people would like it as a pre-order bonus for Quantum Break when it releases:

QBPOB(Picture via Reddit)

The wording is “A free copy of Alan Wake Xbox One Remastered Edition”, that isn’t saying “a possible remaster”, it seems very definitive that there is a remaster, the question is whether you want it for free with Quantum Break or not, which is great news.

I would definitely be up for a remaster on Xbox One, the PC version looks great and selling it for $20/$30 would be a great game to have on Xbox One which I would definitely be willing to pay for to let Remedy and Microsoft know I want more from the franchise. With Alan Wake a sequel is obviously not guaranteed and I want to make sure personally I do my bit to make that happen.

Microsoft in the same survey (it was an Xbox related survey not from Remedy themselves) asked about interest in Alan Wake in general so it seems it is definitely on their minds:


Alan Wake is a series that would be a great addition to the Xbox One’s line-up, a psychological thriller with great gameplay, tons of atmosphere, and interesting story and one left unresolved at the end of Alan Wake.

The story was told in “episodes” but still released as one big game and I think it would be a great idea if Remedy and Microsoft revisited the idea of releasing them as episodes and a proper episodic game which would fit with a lot of games that are released this way now and which wasn’t the case back in 2010.

Remedy are obviously busy on Quantum Break and I think they should definitely keep their focus on that, what I would like to see now that Remedy have their engine and tech finalised on Xbox One is that Remedy expand a bit and have a smaller team making Alan Wake episodes for Xbox One and PC and their main team which continues to work on the Quantum Break franchise or another new IP with Microsoft whatever path they decide to go down.


Alan Wake was a great game and I’d love to see more of it as well as Quantum Break and whatever they have planned for the future with that, obviously Remedy don’t want to expand too much and become inflated or bloated but I would still like to see them capable of delivering on more than one great franchise with Microsoft.

It seems Matias may even agree with me given his favourite of my tweet! It’s obviously not a confirmation of anything, he is probably just excited about my positivity for Remedy and wanting them to do more but never the less its nice to see it noticed!

The wait for Quantum Break begins at least, hopefully we hear more about that and Alan Wake Remastered Edition for Xbox One soon!

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