E3 2015 Predictions!


Cross-referenced and updated with my 2015 overall predictions, 5 months in things change so if there are any anomalies put it down to time changing my thought process.

These announcements might not necessarily be directly in the conference, there could be pre/post-show stuff too but this stuff will be announced for E3 time if not at the event, the number in square brackets is for me to score each bullet points once the show is over to see how many I got right:


  • Fable Legends = Summer release for open beta [1]
  • No Xbox One Slim but new platform branding (logo, marketing guff) [2]
  • New controller with share button, built-in microphone for voice commands, headset port announced for summer release [2]
  • Rare announce 30th Anniversary celebration collection and Battletoads (2015, cross-play/buy with PC) [3]
  • New Banjo-Kazooie announced [1]
  • Quantum Break gameplay demo “early 2016”, Scalebound gameplay = Spring 2016 [2]
  • Alan Wake Remastered announced [2]
  • Halo 5 Guardians gets a second BTB beta and Halo Reach port for MCC, Limited Edition console announced [3]
  • Gears of War Remastered announced for Xbox One/PC for November with cross-play and Gears of War 4 teaser with small gameplay demo (for Xbox One only) [4]
  • Joe Montana NFL Football 16 announced for late July release date with console bundle, does have the NFL license [3]
  • New IPs announced from Press Play and Twisted Pixel [2]
  • Decisive Games announce their strategy game for PC/Xbox One, cross-play/buy for 2016 release [2]
  • Short Hololens section teasing a game in development [1]
  • OS/platform section showing Windows 10 on Xbox One with new platform features and unified store [1]
  • Games with gold announced for July as Tomb Raider Definitive Edition or Ryse, two games a month moving forwards [2]
  • Big indie section featuring Below and other new titles, Summer of Arcade style promotion announced [2]
  • Gigantic = August (open beta launch), Forza Motorsport 6 and Rise of the Tomb Raider = September [3]
  • Minecraft cross-play between Xbox and PC versions, cross-buy on Windows 10 store, Xbox exclusive dedicated servers using azure, other exclusive content, Telltale’s Minecraft Story Mode revealed [4]
  • Two more IP revivals from the OG Xbox catalogue [1]
  • Killer instinct Season 3, State of Decay Year 2 (sequel with co-op) announced [1]
  • More digital only first-party download games announced [1]
  • First-party MOBA announced [1]
  • New AAA IP announced for 2016 from a new development partner [2]
  • Popular/upcoming free-to-play MOBA and FPS announced for Xbox One from new partners with Windows 10 cross-play [2]
  • Third-party exclusive announced for 2016 [1]
  • New smaller and thinner set-top box style Xbox 360 announced, $99 [1]

Total: 50


  • Uncharted Collection announced for the holidays with Uncharted 4 demo or beta, Uncharted 4 release date switched to “2016” [3]
  • Gran Turismo 7 announced for holiday release [2]
  • Tearaway Unfolded = August, Until Dawn = September, Ratchet & Clank Redux = October [3]
  • The Last Guardian re-announcement teaser trailer [1]
  • Sony Bend new IP, Guerrilla Games new IP announced, God of War IV teaser [3]
  • Wild, Rime new trailers for 2016 release [1]
  • Alienation, Shadow of the Beast, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture release dates [3]
  • No price drop or SKU changes announced [1]
  • Sony go big on third-party marketing deals: Call of Duty Black Ops 3 demo, Destiny standalone expansion, Star Wars Battlefront, Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5, Mad Max, Deus Ex Mankind Divided and other trailers [1]
  • Media Molecule, Quantic Dreams and Pixel Opus new games announced for Morpheus along with other first-party content [4]
  • Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls PS4 port Collection announced [1]
  • New third-party exclusive announced from Japanese publisher (SEGA or Capcom) [2]
  • Big indie section with No Man’s Sky and many more announcements [1]
  • Another new Paradox PS4 console first game announced with Hollowpoint release date [2]
  • Bloodborne DLC announced [1]
  • Street Fighter V gameplay with beta timeframe given, new characters shown and Playstation IP guest character [2]
  • Gravity Rush 2 announced for PS4/PSVita for 2016 release [2]
  • New Level 5 RPG for PS4, other PS4 games from Japanese studios [2]

Total: 35

Electronic Arts:

  • Star Wars Battlefront PS4 exclusive alpha announced, releases just after E3 and a limited edition PS4 console [3]
  • Mass Effect 4, Bioware new IP, Titanfall 2 teaser trailers [3]
  • New Plants vs Zombies game, Mirrors Edge, Criterion racer gameplay demos [3]
  • Need For Speed 2015 dated for October [1]
  • Amy Hennig’s Star Wars game by Visceral teased [1]

Total: 11

Square Enix:

  • Just Cause 3 = October, Deus Ex Mankind Divided = Early 2016, Human Revolution Directors Cut announced for Xbox One/Playstation 4 [3]
  • Hitman 6 announced for 2016 [1]
  • Final Fantasy XV = Early 2016, Final Fantasy XIV announced for Xbox One for Holiday 15, Final Fantasy XII Remaster for Playstation 4 [3]
  • News Kingdom Hearts III trailer, 1.5/2.5 announced for PS4 [2]

Total: 9


  • Call of Duty Black Ops 3 demo at the Sony conference w/multi-year marketing deal announced, no timed exclusive release on DLC but exclusive  [2]
  • Destiny “Comet” expansion for September, more Playstation exclusive maps [2]
  • Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5 = October [1]

Total: 5


  • Watch Dogs 2 announced for 2016 [1]
  • The Division = Early 2016, Rainbow 6 Siege = October, Assassins Creed Syndicate = November [3]
  • No last-gen Assassins Creed this year [1]
  • ZombiU port for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC with different name and changed game mechanics [1]
  • 2D Prince of Persia on UbiArt Engine announced and other new games [2]
  • New Splinter Cell or Ghost Recon announced [1]

Total: 9


  • Dishonoured 2, Prey 2, Elder Scrolls Online Expansion announced [3]
  • Doom gameplay demo, 2015 release, outsourced multiplayer [2]
    • Fallout 4 announced, Xbox timed exclusive DLC, Holiday 2015 [3]
  • BattleCry announced for Xbox One/Playstation 4 [1]

Total: 9


  • Capcom:
    • Dead Rising 4 announced (PS4/Xbox One/PC) = 2016 with Xbox exclusive stuff [2]
    • Capcom Vancouver new IP announced [1]
    • Devil May Cry 5 announced [1]
    • Street Fighter V gameplay and more character reveals [1]
  • NamcoBandai:
    • Tales of Vesperia PS4 announced for the West [1]
    • Ridge Racer 8 announced for Playstation 4 and Xbox One [1]
  • 2k Games/Rockstar:
    • Grand Theft Auto V story expansion announced at either Sony or MS conference (probably Sony) [1]
    • Bioshock Collection, Mafia 3, Red Dead 3 announced [3]
  • Deep Silver:
    • New gameplay on Homefront Revolution, Dead Island 2 [1]
  • Warner Bros:
    • Batman Arkham Knight DLC, Mad Max, various LEGO games gameplay shown [1]
    • Gauntlet announced for Xbox One/PS4 [1]
  • Telltale Games:
    • The Walking Dead Season 3 announced [1]
  • Nintendo:
    • Amiibo’s that will never be properly stocked announced [1]
    • Xenoblade X, Star Fox release, Devils Third release dates [1]
    • New Mario announced [1]
  • Daybreak Studios
    • On-stage at the Microsoft conference to officially announce Xbox One support and bringing all their titles to Xbox with cross-play [2]

Total: 20

Overall total: 147

As you may know I’m not much of a Nintendo fan, I’m sure they will have plenty to share but it’s not really my area of expertise.

Sony are a bit of an unknown quantity to me as well, I think they will have a lot of third-party games on-stage to show and a lot of first-party games that get teasers to “set the scene” without much extras well as a focus on Morpheus and I don’t know much about what third-party content they could have on front. It’s not a case of “Sony has no gaems” or announcements to make I think I’ve been quite generous about the amount of announcements, it’s just, I don’t know what specifically that content could be.

Publishers like 2k, Warner and Deep Silver a bit of an unknown to me as well, I’m not sure what to expect so much from them so I kept their sections shorter, the rest are some pretty reasonable guesses I think.

My Microsoft section is the biggest because that is where my knowledge lies the most on their first-party structure, whats known and its difficult to predict any new partners they have but I think theres a decent list of stuff there overall.

I’ll post an article looking at how right or more likely wrong I was after E3, hopefully I will have a good show!