Funk of Titans review

The first console game by indie developer A Crowd of Monsters, Funk of Titans for Xbox One is a fun fast paced side-scrolling platformer which combines greek mythology and funk-fu in which Perseus, funk-fu wielder is tasked with defeating the Music Titans of Pop, Rap and Rock by Zeus himself, it sounds pretty crazy and that’s pretty much the best way to describe it.


The gameplay is simple, Perseus is always on the move and you have to guide him use jumping, swinging and bouncing where appropriate combined with attacking enemies to get to the end of the level whilst collecting vinyls and Pegasus-icons, there are 100 Vinyl’s to collect on each level and these are stacked to let you buy new weapons and helmets on the in-game store. Each level has 3 criteria that need to be met to get a gold medal which are: complete the level without being hit (Intactus), collect all 100 Vinyl’s (Vinylus) and grab the Pegasus-idol (Pegasus), once all 3 are completed you get a gold icon on the world map. In total there are 3 worlds, one for each Music Titan as mentioned above each of which have 13 levels, 1 Grunt fight and 1 Titan boss battle so there is a lot to do.

There are multiple ways of completing levels and when the swinging mechanic is introduced it does add a bit more needed to the levels to mix them up and improved it a lot, it’s a simple game but the levels are well designed and enjoyable.

RulezPlay Screenshot 2015-01-06 01-43-25

The Pegasus-idol collectibles give you a “free” go on the Pegasus riding special levels in which Perseus rides on Pegasus in a endless runner type level where you collect Vinyls and see how far along you get to get a high score, you can also pay 50 Vinyl’s to play the levels in the store. I would have liked the option to stack my Pegasus level goes incase I want to carry on with the other levels but I did enjoy trying to improve my high score.

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To help you get more Vinyl currency and become the ULTIMATE HERO there are “Zeus’ Heroic Missions” which are 3 objectives you need to complete as you play through (e.g. run 1000 metres), once these are complete you level up, get a bonus amount of Vinyl’s, unlock more store items to buy and a new set of objectives, they’re all relatively easy and very few need you to do things you wouldn’t do anyway. The items of clothing and weapons in the store are as expensive as 1200 Vinyl with 12 pieces of clothing and 17 different weapons so unless you want to do some mega grinding the Zeus missions are the easiest and quickest way to get some serious currency to buy the items. My favourite helmet was probably the Lego style head and I like the lightsaber type weapon too.

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The gameplay at its heart is simple but fun and overall it’s a very light-hearted game that is intended to be silly, crazy and it works. I had fun with the levels, I liked getting all the gold medals, there are a few levels that took a couple of turns to get right whether that was working out the route to get all the Vinyls or  some levels need a specific weapon to open doors and collect the Pegasus-idol.


As always with a game like this it depends how much of it you want to complete, if you just want to blast through it and “get to the end” you’ll probably do it relatively quickly but I put the time to complete everything on offer; gold medals on all the levels (including Grunt and Titan battles), finish all of Zeus’ Heroic Missions, buy all the shop items and get all 21 achievements which took me a fair few hours without getting a feeling of repetition.


Whilst I enjoyed all the levels I didn’t feel the same about the Grunt and Titan battles, they’re both QTE battles but the Titan ones are much longer and I didn’t think they really added much. Both were in keeping with wacky style of the rest of the game but I thought if they had been more levels or something else they would have probably been a bit more enjoyable.

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Funk of Titans is a light-hearted and enjoyable game that’s very simple but fun at its core. If you’re into platformers and collectathons there’s fun to had and theres enough to do to keep you playing for a while to do everything, you might even enjoy the QTE battles more than I did.

I made a couple of Youtube Videos below to watch as well.

Funk of Titans releases on 9th January for Xbox One via the Xbox Store at $8.99. Thanks to Ryan at Mr Tired Media for providing a review code for me to play.

Price: $12.49/£9.99
Formats: Xbox One
Developer: A Crowd of Monsters
Publisher: Self-published ID@Xbox
Official website