Snap! Threes review (Xbox One)

Threes on Xbox One takes the mobile hit indie puzzle game and moves it to the big screen in what is a great version of the the title, a simple yet incredibly fun and addictive game its very easy to get into and also has a strategic element to it which adds a lot to the gameplay.

RulezPlay Screenshot 2014-12-12 19-34-14Threes is played on a four-by-four grid where the player slides numbered tiles to combine addends and multiples of three together, the tiles come several forms: 2’s and 1’s which can be added together to make 3, as well as 3 tiles and other multiples of 3 (6, 12, 24 etc) for special tiles and combine multiples of three, such as two 3s make 6, two 6s make 12 etc, the highest tile I’ve managed to get up to is 384 with a high score of 7,695. The depth comes when you’re moving the tiles you’re not taking one tile and putting it where you like, you move the entire grid which will then combine compatible tiles together, as the grid fills up you have to be careful when planning your next move to make sure you can make another move after that or its game over, it does tell you what the next tile to be entered into your grid will be which is put in the next empty space to the opposite of where you have moved. To succeed at Threes you need to pay attention to the grid and plan your movements around that to keep the game going and increase your score. Once you can no longer make anymore moves the game ends and you high score is calculated using what’s on the grid.

RulezPlay Screenshot 2014-12-12 19-34-55

Threes itself is easy to understand and play but also incredibly fun and rewarding when you’re adding tiles together, getting bigger scores and working towards getting a new personal best, whether it’s the mobile or Xbox version at its core Threes is a great game which anyone can enjoy (as long as they know their 3 times table!)

With the latest release on Xbox One, how does the game play and what perks come with launching on the next-generation hardware?

The Xbox One version runs as an app not a game, this benefits Threes  is several ways without any major setbacks (GameDVR is disabled for apps) and helps offer Xbox One owners a nice extra feature which hasn’t been fully exploited. It’s not an intensive game for the system to run so it can probably work easily within the smaller RAM allocation given to apps, it can be opened as with other apps when another game is open too so you can keep your game going if you decide to do something else halfway through like play Sunset Overdrive or go to a different app without losing your progress but the main advantage is being able to run Threes in snap mode.

RulezPlay Screenshot 2014-12-12 19-33-25RulezPlay Screenshot 2014-12-12 19-33-13

Snap mode is being where you can add the bar to the right hand side of the screen and run apps within that window such as TV, achievements, party, GameDVR and so on but its been severely under utilised and only one other game (Nutjitsu) currently supports running in snap mode. The benefit to many people will be that they can play the game, get new high scores, earn achievements etc whilst they are doing something else and Threes really is the perfect game for doing this. According to the Xbox Smartglass app ive played Threes for many hours which I can completely believe because its now a permanent fixture in snap when I’ve been watching TV such as football (soccer!) or The Apprentice, it’s a great feature to use on the console that’s very easy to relax too and play and doesn’t need constant attention to play it.

RulezPlay Screenshot 2014-12-12 19-34-51

Other features include a handy dark/light option (as seen in snap above and fully below) which easily lets you choose the colour scheme to match your preferences or current situation on the rest of the screen, a toggle for the music/sound effects, achievements and online leaderboards which are global and for friends which show your position for each with your total high score and highest tile. It also keeps your previous high scores in the game so you can view them if you wish and see the board as it finished to get your score.For achievements it has the full 1000 gamerscore spread across 16 achievements which are split up as multiples of three as well. I currently have 439/1000 from 9 achievements, it’s going to take a bit of luck to get them all but with luck and some good movements of tiles you will probably get quite close eventually!

RulezPlay Screenshot 2014-12-12 19-37-12Threes is a great game that has been adapted very well to Xbox One and gives owners of the console a reason to get it should they choose on the TV screen. It has some nice little bits like the light/dark and sound options which are handy and go well with the snap mode which really shows how useful it can be when paired with the right game. I would highly recommend Threes on Xbox One especially if you do a lot of watching of TV or Apps as a nice time waster but it’s certainly good enough to buy on its own even if you don’t much of that.

Video below of me playing Threes in snap mode, I had to use a video of Geometry Wars because I couldn’t capture with anything else

Price: £5.59/$6.99
Formats: Xbox One (played), iOS, Android
Developer: Hidden Variable Studios
Publisher: Sirvo
Official website