Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition impressions

Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition takes a classic game and gives it a lovely new coat of paint over the old one whilst keeping the gameplay in tact and touching up the sound as well with a remastered track. It reminds me of Prince of Persia Classic and Halo CE Anniversary with the re-done graphics but also the ability to change between the two styles at the press of the Y button.


I thought the new graphics looked really nice, it kept the original style in-tact perfectly whilst giving it a modern look and I liked to compare some of the areas with the old style too, it’s a very nice way of doing it.

Another World is about a young physicist called Lester who goes to work late at night and long story short when trying to recreate what happened when the universe was born, he sent himself to an alien planet instead, as you do and the game is about him trying to escape off the planet.

Its style being 20 years old shows through in that its an action-adventure platformer that’s quite difficult, you have to hit jumps perfectly, shoot multiple enemies and run away from things and this must be executed perfectly or you’ll die, there are three difficulty modes (easy/medium/hard) which adjust things a bit if you find the game too difficult. I did it on medium in my play through but I did use the Xbox One d-pad after a while because it was easier to control the character with.


In this version there are a many checkpoints, presumably so that people don’t give up as I found if I failed something once then I would do so multiple times and if it put me back a long way I think that would have been very frustrating, but thankfully they’re regular and loading is pretty much instantaneous.

The game itself I enjoyed a lot, it’s not a long game specifically but finding everything, the trial and error and completing the game in your first go should still take a while (or it did for me anyway) as you work out where everything is and how you do it. I had a look on Youtube and saw a few speed run videos so if you’re into that sort of thing it’s definitely one to keep coming back to (the quickest one I found was just over 8 minutes I think).

I thought the gameplay had aged really well over time even though the character and controls were a little stiff but it is 20 years old and I didn’t find that off-putting at all, I found I got used to it very quickly and the controls were simple.


As someone playing through Another World for the first time I enjoyed my experience, it looks really nice and modern in this edition which shows the effort put in to updating the game but not changed the experience and all the old graphics and sound are still there if you want to use that instead. Its aged well and plays nicely which is the most important thing and tells a nice tale too which I won’t spoil.Bridge

For the price of $7.99/£6.39 I think Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition is good value especially if you like older titles and haven’t played it before, my advice is not to give up if you get stuck as I did though, it has a very rewarding feeling when you move forwards in the game. As a side note the achievements are pretty easy on Xbox One as well.

Thanks to Abrial at The Digital Lounge for providing me with a review code store link – £6.39/$7.99
Formats: Xbox One (played), PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, PC
Developer: Martial Hesse-Dreville (20th Anniversary Edition), Eric Chahi (Original)
Publisher: The Digital Lounge
Official website