Eden Falls mystery somewhat solved: Brimstone statement

Not this Eden Falls by Lionhead it seems!

Not this Eden Falls by Lionhead it seems!

Eden Falls, a mystery trademark by Microsoft with links to Brimstone Interactive who are making a tactical sci-fi RPG but also linked to Lift London and Lionhead Studios, for more information on the link see this Total Xbox article.

Following the domain recently transferring to Microsoft it seems that there was some steam behind the idea that it was an active project at Microsoft Studios and now we know that is the definitely the case, its a game being made by Lift London (with or without a Lionhead collaboration) and Brimstone aren’t involved in the project at all.

Here is the statement by Samuli Ulmanen on their Facebook page:

Sorry guys. We’ve had an incredibly busy week. We are currently 4 people doing 20 people’s work.

I was planning to get our blog up and running during the week so I could write about the MS situation there, but since I didn’t, I’ll give you a quick lowdown here.

TL;DR: Brimstone sold the rights to the “Eden Falls” name to Microsoft and is not currently involved with any MS or Lift London projects. We ARE still working on a really cool tactical sci-fi RPG, though.

And then some history: This whole situation has its roots all the back in 2008, when I decided to recruit a team of hobbyists to work on an Unreal Tournament 3 mod. After a lot of head scratching and nail biting, I ended up calling the project “Eden Falls”. I thought it had a nice ring to it, and it fit well into what I had in mind for the game. Sadly, after several months of working on EF in my spare time, it became evident that the project was going nowhere. The game was promptly driven to the ground, along with the site and domain I had registered for it (edenfalls.org).

Fast forward to 2013. Four years and two children later, I decided the time to fulfill my life-long dream of running my very own game studio had come. I teamed up with my buddy Rafu and Brimstone was born. We already knew that we wanted to make a kickass sci-fi RPG that you could play anywhere – be it on a plane or on a toilet. We put our heads down and got to work. The pre-production was going very well and we knew we’d soon need a proper name for our game. It was universally agreed that the working title “CyberNoir” was just not going to cut it. I quickly suggested we use my old project’s name, since I already had a typographical logo ready for it and all. The name “Eden Falls” was promptly adopted and a domain for our newly christened game registered (edenfallsgame.com). A couple of months later (December 2013) I was approached via email by a lawyer from Microsoft, saying he wanted to talk to me about my game. I was mortified, but curious. Was I getting sued by a giant corporation? After a few emails back and forth, it turned out that Lift London (an MS studio) was also working on a project called “Eden Falls” and that they would be interested in acquiring the rights to the name for a reasonable sum of money. A couple of weeks of hard negotiation later, Brimstone transferred the rights to Microsoft.

And about the rumors circulating out there: All we know is that Lift London is working on something called “Eden Falls”. What kind of a game is it? We don’t know. Is it somehow connected to Lionhead’s canceled project? No idea. Personally, I kind of hope it is. I guess we’ll learn, come June 10th and E3. I’ll be watching the live streams with you.

Phew. That ended up not being so brief after all. Oh well. If I left something unmentioned or vague, feel free to ask me here on the comments or via email (samuli@brimstoneinteractive.com). Cheers!


The mystery is partly solved then, Brimstone are working on a cool tactical sci-fi RPG, thats nothing to do with whatever plans Microsoft have for the name.

Lift London as the developer finally brings to light what they have been up to somewhat and we know they have 4 projects on the go, with the first being for touch devices and the second one something that Phil Spencer described as an interesting idea if they can land it so it will be interesting to see if Eden Falls is even their first project.

It seems like an incredible coincidence to me that Lift London are using the title from a game shelved by Lionhead even if it was a long time ago. Did someone suggest they use it with prior knowledge of the project? Its very possible but is still an interesting situation and hopefully we can get an idea of how it all came about at some point.

Perhaps E3 will give us more details on the project and also what Brimstone Interactive themselves are up to which I’m curious about too.

(Im still hoping Lionhead are involved!)

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