Twisted Pixel’s next game concept art and speculation

For full disclosure – I didn’t find this, I’d seen the images on Gaf before and didn’t know where they had come from but a simple google search (who knew?) brought up Gearnuke which had a story on it from last November, so the pictures aren’t even new. I did however make new pictures of the concept art so I wasn’t stealing anyone elses.

Last years Xbox One launch title from Twisted Pixel was a bit of a disappointment backed up by its poor Metacritic score and from my own personal experience it was certainly unique, but not particularly in a good way, I wrote about it back in January if you want to hear more about my thoughts.

When one project finishes another one begins and we have a hint about what they might be working on, but also some hints that might suggest its further along than we might expect.

For starters, here is the concept art and photo that can be found in Lococycle:

Twisted Pixel concept art 1Twisted Pixel concept art 2Twisted Pixel mocapTwisted Pixel mocap1Very interesting and clearly neither are related to Lococycle.

Lococycle was released for Xbox One on 15th November 2013, and it was released on Xbox 360/PC in 14th February 2014 however Twisted Pixel didn’t develop all 3 versions, they actually finished the Xbox 360 game and Double Helix (Strider/Killer Instinct reboots) ported it to Xbox One/PC, per the credits of Lococycle on Xbox One below. Assuming this is true based on the credits (and why wouldn’t it be?) then the Xbox 360 version was clearly finished at an unknown time and given to Double Helix to develop after that, presumably Microsoft wanted it as an exclusive at Xbox One launch before launching the other completed versions later.

Lococycle credits DH

Double Helix section in the Lococycle credits

Akiba Chonoles QA Lococycle(Via Linkedin)

I’ve done my usual browsing of Linkedin and not found a lot apart from confirmation they’re working on something by Concept Artist Ted Pendergraft (better than nothing?) although if you look at Ted’s personal blog you can see some cool stuff, that may or may not be part of the game. He’s been at Twisted Pixel since October 2010 which is when he stopped updating the site but resumed in early 2013 and has done some sporadic updates of new art from as recently as the middle of April 2014. If I were to guess i’d say that it probably wasnt related to anything they’re doing but we wont know that until we see it!

Ted Pendergraft TPTwisted Pixel confirmed to Joystiq in July last year that they were working on another project apart from Lococycle, it’s even possible Lococycle was completed by then (they said they were doing the Xbox One port, but seemingly that wasnt the entire story?) on Xbox 360 and they moved over to this new game by then anyway. To add to that Phil Spencer echoed the same message on a “new idea” on twitter at the end of January so whatever that was presumably its still being worked on.

In conclusion, the new concept art looks very different to the colourful and wacky games they’ve done before – The Maw, ‘splosion man, ms splosion man, Comic Jumper and The Gunstringer, I would certainly welcome the new approach if they wanted to change direction, im hopeful we will hear about the game sometime this year, the concept art tease looks very nice and they’ve been working on it for at least 10 months if not more, perhaps we will get a little teaser at E3 next month!