Trials Fusion impressions

Redlynx’s infuriating platform-racing game rides on to next-gen (and PC/XBLA)

I wasnt going to get it as I have enough to play from the February and March madness but I changed my mind when talking to a friend that had bought it – im weak, and I had a load of Xbox credit. I played a lot of Trials HD on XBLA and bought Evolution too but I didn’t really play it much however the new one looked good and any good digital game is always welcome (I seem to have an apathy to swapping discs even though I wouldn’t have to get up to change the disc!).

Onto the game though, its good, very good, its Trials as I remember it and I liked Trials. Levels of various difficulties, customisation of riders with different outfits, XP system which I assume at some point will let me unlock news bikes – I can’t say ive looked.

I’m not sure if it has a lot of levels for career mode or not. There are at least 39 (I havent locked the last two stages to see how many so presumably over 50?) and I’m 56% through the career already, with the 29 levels I’ve done so far I’ve got gold medals on all of them. I think it seems a bit content light to be honest, considering how many levels for easy/medium difficulties, you would think that Redlynx would have put more of their levels in the medium – hard bracket but until I’ve unlocked more I can’t fully comment.

Each level does have 3 challenges each which I only done like 4 of so there is a lot to do and they add something extra to do if you want to 100% complete it.Theres also local multiplayer, and your friends times to beat on the leaderboard.

It does have an in-depth level creator which I dive into properly later but that gives potentially an unlimited amount of levels to play made by the community if I wanted more levels. I did play on a couple and they were pretty good although im sure the levels (quality and quantity wise) will get better even in just the next few weeks.

I really like the use of the impulse triggers on Xbox One, it’s exactly the sort of game they were made for and its good to see developers use it, getting that bit of feedback on your trigger fingers isn’t a mind-blowing thing but is a great way to relay to the player the feedback from the game on your speed and control of the bike.

Added into Fusion is quad biking which is quite cool and adds a different type of bike and of course affects the layout of the levels (4 wheels vs 2) and they also added tricks using the right stick. They’re quite fun to do and the tricks you do are given scores but should have been separate to the main career levels as I think they’re a diversion I don’t really want when im going through the career.

Seasons pass

Something that does bother me is the seasons pass, which is the same price as the entire game (and explains the disc copies £32 rrp as opposed to the digital one at £16), ive said before about my thoughts on seasons passes, they have to meet a criteria: high quality content, decent quantity of content, be a decent price and be delivered on a timely schedule. There are 6 packs coming with the last one expected “before May 2015” so with 6 packs over the course of a year, average of every 2 months seems like a decent schedule. You save 30% with the seasons pass as opposed to buying it separately and they contain “new career mode event, tracks, bike parts, rider gear and items for the track editor” (that description is a mash-up of the description on the Xbox store and the IGN article). I will need specifics before I can properly comment, but charging the same price for the seasons pass would surely suggest a lot of content? We’ll find out

Technical comments

I can’t say it being 900p bothers me, aliasing is a bit rough at times but apart from that its fine. My main issue is the art style, its like a combination between normal realistic environments with a cartoony undertone? I don’t know, not sure I like it though. I turned the announcer Cindy off too, my god she’s annoying I really don’t know why she’s there perhaps Redlynx thought it would be a funny? Who knows.

There isn’t much in the way of dropped frames that I can tell but when there is tearing its like a thick line on the screen, a bit weird but it’s not exactly game breaking and it doesn’t even happen particularly often, Digital Foundry will give us a better idea of the technical issues and differences between platforms.

Something I noticed about Fusion and Evolution is that both really like menu screens. When ive finished a race and got a gold medal, show my time compared to friends then give me an option to go to the next race with the press of a button, not drag me back to the menus over and over. The way challenges are hidden by extra menus too is a bit frustrating as well, they’re not even slow to load there just seems to be a lot of them.

The biggest technical issue ive had is signing into the Ubisoft servers. I assume they decided against using Azure with the free tools in exchange for their own servers. It doesn’t particularly bother me except for when it’s not signed into them it lets me know on every other pre and post level screen, not having the leaderboard to compare my times with friends is annoying at times though, I suppose I should be grateful it has leaderboard at all?


Trials Fusion is more of the game I loved on 360 and for that im very pleased. The new additions of tricks and quad bikes are well executed, and the levels are very good as you’d expect, im looking forward to the harder levels and the challenge they present. There are question marks over the amount of content the game has shipped with and how much the DLC will add but im still very happy with the game that is here. It looks nice, runs well (with a few issues) and I think there is much fun to be had with leaderboard, challenges and user-created levels.

Played on Xbox One

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